As a trusted expert in the industry, we understand the challenges women face when trying to find high-quality hair extensions and wigs. Many are disappointed with poor quality and short longevity, leading to wasted money.

That's why we at Deidre B's Wigs & Creations, a Black Owned Business, offers Premium Indian Virgin Wigs & Hair Extensions at wholesale prices. Our top brand guarantees exceptional quality and lasting durability of up to three plus years, all at competitive prices.

Deidre Brown is an experience Wig Stylist originally from Memphis, Tennessee. She is the President of Deidre B's Wigs & Creations. With six dedicated years of Wig Knowledge and Hair Retail experience, she has successfully built DBWC to a international Company that has strongly served the hair loss community over the years.

Now that DBWC has tremendously grown, Deidre has elevated her brand to a Black Owned US Online Wholesale Hair & Wig Store. Giving the people the solution to quality hair at competitive prices. This will also open the avenue of opportunities to those that wants to start their own Hair & Wig Business locally and nationwide. Saving them from the hassle of faulty overseas vendors and overpriced inventory and shipping.

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